TX8 Series Speakers

The MTX TX8 Series speakers are our best ever. MTX is a world leader in automotive speaker technology. The TX8652's aluminium frame takes the design of the famous MTX TX8 Series subwoofers. Featuring an oversized 38MM voice coil and 100MM magnet resulting in unparalleled dynamics. The voice coil is made from state-of-the-art TIL for crisp, realistic sound. The central phase plug is formed from a solid milled aluminium to effectively eliminate standing waves and cool the voice coil. The membrane is made of interweaved fibreglass and carbon for its lightness and rigidity. The passive crossover filter is a work of art with its two independent tweeter levels and its HiFi level components (polypropylene caps, air chokes). In addition, it is waterproof and all the cables come out on the same side for greater ease of assembly.

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