MTX StreetWires ZNX35K 2 AWG Amplifier Power Kit

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The MTX ZNX35K 35mm2 2 AWG power pack is designed for power system up to 1400W RMS. It is also very complete: 5 meters of power supply, 75cm of ground cable, a screwed ANL fuse holder, 5 meters of remote cable and all the small accessories. It is suitable for systems up to 1400W RMS total.

• Power cable made of 33% pure copper and 66% aluminum for a good price/quality ratio.
• High performance UltraFlow® power cable braiding technology to increase current flow.
• Waterproof ANL type fuse holder with screwed fuses.
• Recommended RCA cable: ZNHD5.2, ZNHD3.2 or ZNHD1.2


• 5 meters of 35mm2 CCA power cable (33% copper + 66% aluminum)
• 0.7 meter of 35mm2 CCA ground cable
• 5 meter remote cable
• Sealed ANL type fuse holder
• Two screwed 150A ANL fuses
• Compatible with systems developing up to 1400W RMS

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