MTX StreetWires ZNX5.2 5M ZeroNoise RCA Cable

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RCA stereo cable to connect a headunit to an amplifier.
The MTX ZNX5.2 (5m) composite audio RCA cables benefit from a large number of technologies that give them a maximum level of performance and protection against noise. The noises are subtracted naturally (Right noise + Left noise = 0 because the two are identical but out of phase). The flexibility of its cable and the small size of the RCA plugs make it particularly easy to install. It's complicated to do better!

• High quality ZeroNoise® audio RCA cable.
• High quality ZeroNoise® composite video RCA cable.
• Balanced 100% copper conductors for premium audio-video quality.
• HyperTwist® technology cable to minimize noise.
• Small size RCA SureGrip™ technology plug for easy mounting.
• Flexible, easy-to-place UltraFlex® technology RCA cable.
• Two 90° angled plugs and two straight plugs for easy installation


• ZNX5.2: 5-meter symmetrical AudioVideo cable
• 100% copper for maximum audio quality
• HyperTwist® technology to minimise noise
• RCA SureGrip™ plugs for better handling
• UltraFlex™ cable for easy installation

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