How to get 146+dB in under 2 hours!

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How to get 146+dB in under 2 hours!

This week our employee Louis was faced with a challenge, take time away from other important work and build a big system in his Prelude for a Car Audio Show Off event last Saturday or miss out, he decided why not have both! 

MTX Audio Louis Honda Prelude 

Louis followed 3 very simple steps in under 2 hours:

  1. Didn't take the day off work (kept his boss happy)
  2. With help from some mates he ran a StreetWires ZN5K-00 power cable kit and ZN5 RCA cables to the boot.
  3. Unpacked an MTX Audio SLH12X2U Pre-fab Sub box, 2 x MTX Audio TX8 1800W RMS 12" Subwoofers and a 4000W RMS Mono the RFL4001.

MTX Audio Honda Prelude Louis

The result of this drop in system was an impressive 146.5 dB @ 47Hz then a 145.2 @ 38Hz this system still hits hard musically under 30Hz, all from a pre-fab!

MTX Audio TX8 12Inch Subwoofer

We were impressed with what can be achieved with a simple install from a pre-fabricated SledgeHammer enclosure!


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