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This week our employee Louis was faced with a challenge, take time away from other important work and build a big system in his Prelude for a Car Audio Show Off event last Saturday or miss out, he decided why not have both!    Louis followed 3 very simple steps in under 2 hours: Didn't take the day off work (kept his boss happy) With help from some mates he ran a StreetWires ZN5K-00 power cable kit and ZN5 RCA cables to the boot. Unpacked an MTX Audio SLH12X2U Pre-fab Sub box, 2 x MTX Audio TX8 1800W RMS 12" Subwoofers...

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The baby brother of RFL, as they share many characteristics of the RFL subwoofers. These subs might as well be the best deal you can get! Play LOUD and CLEAR all day long is what they are made for! Same build platform as RFL with a power handling of 1800W RMS for the TX812 and 2000W RMS for the TX815. Both subs have a single 2Ω 3” (75mm) copper clad aluminium wire (BASV). A huge 13kg magnet structure with 25mm thick plates for a very large powerful linear magnet field for the voice coil to travel in with a BL...

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JJ-HiFi MTX distributor for Finland has a world premier! Not only did they build a FANTASTIC and INCREDIBLY LOUD car with the new 24" square Jackhammer. It is also the first car in the world to feature the BIGGEST Subwoofer on the planet. Jarmo Forss owner of this Hummer wanted something special installed. The second he mentioned this to Sami from JJ-HiFi, Sami could only think of one thing; JACKHAMMER 24! "It’s insane loud", those are the exact words from Sami after playing some hours with the system installed in the Hummer. But not only is it incredibly loud the...

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