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This week our employee Louis was faced with a challenge, take time away from other important work and build a big system in his Prelude for a Car Audio Show Off event last Saturday or miss out, he decided why not have both!    Louis followed 3 very simple steps in under 2 hours: Didn't take the day off work (kept his boss happy) With help from some mates he ran a StreetWires ZN5K-00 power cable kit and ZN5 RCA cables to the boot. Unpacked an MTX Audio SLH12X2U Pre-fab Sub box, 2 x MTX Audio TX8 1800W RMS 12" Subwoofers...

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Introducing the new Reference RFL4120 Class AB 4 channel amplifier. At MTX we know how to build powerful amps, we have proven that many times! This time we took the amplifier to a whole new level. We created a 4 channel amp that is powerful but, also the most musical amplifier you have ever listened too. High End audiophile car audio is back and it is HOT, becoming more popular every day. Enter the universe of the all new RFL series of High End amplification. Designing a top notch amplifier that amplifies the source signal in the most purest form...

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