MTX TX6.BMW replacement speakerset for BMW & Mini

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MTX TX6.BMW replacement speakerset for BMW & Mini

BMW is famous for its extraordinary cars, its built quality, its performance engines and reliability…

But when it comes to the audio system… there is a problem. Good news, we have the solution to turn what sounds like a 50 years old radio into a state of the art high end hifi sound. Let us introduce to you : The MTX TX6.BMW 3-way component system!

Upgrading the original sound system of the BMW is super fast and easy due to our original frames and step by step guide in the owners manual.

No need to cut or drill, everything remains original… Except the speakers of course! The TX6.BMW works great and will improve the sound when powered by the original car radio, even with the most simple version. 

As a bonus the TX6.BMW can also be used in the new Mini!

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