MTX TX812 and TX815 subwoofers are now available!

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MTX TX812 and TX815 subwoofers are now available!

The baby brother of RFL, as they share many characteristics of the RFL subwoofers. These subs might as well be the best deal you can get! Play LOUD and CLEAR all day long is what they are made for!

Same build platform as RFL with a power handling of 1800W RMS for the TX812 and 2000W RMS for the TX815. Both subs have a single 2Ω 3” (75mm) copper clad aluminium wire (BASV). A huge 13kg magnet structure with 25mm thick plates for a very large powerful linear magnet field for the voice coil to travel in with a BL factor of 18 and 19. Its all about control of the cone movement here! The same frame, cone with logo as the RFL, dual spider and wiring terminals. The TX8 subwoofers come in two sizes TX812 30cm (12’’) and TX815 38cm (15’’). The TX812 weighs 20kg and the TX815 weighs 22kg, with a sensitivity of more than 90dB these subs will play loud even if you have a little less power than needed. When it comes to bass performance we can make a good comparison with the well known MTX T9500 subwoofer, the T9515 had a BBR rating of 45Volts, the BBR of the TX8 subs = 85Volts. In other words that is almost twice the BASS power of the old T9500!!!!

We recommend to use one MTX TX81000.1D amp to power one TX8 subwoofer, we designed the subwoofer to be the perfect match for this amp. If you want two TX8 subs, easy use two TX81000.1D amps, one for each sub!

Get all the information about the MTX TX812 and MTX TX815 subwoofers here.

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