Now available MTX RFL4001D Class D Mono Block amplifier

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Now available MTX RFL4001D Class D Mono Block amplifier

Introducing the new RFL4001D Class D Mono Block amplifier! The new benchmark for subwoofer amplification. This subwoofer amp is the most prestigious BASS amp MTX ever produced. Mind blowing, reliable REAL output power but, also able to function as a true audiophile bass amp. Playing the finest bass notes without any coloration. Enter the universe of the all new RFL series of High End amplification.

The RFL40001D amp is an all out bass amp that can any subwoofer, with a > 500 damping factor and  a huge power reserve in the tank you can be sure you will have real tight bass. Build with the best components available, constructed out of massive aluminium and packed with everything you need inside a bass amp. Designed to be the best, the Reference, the Benchmark in subwoofer amplification.

Next to being a true Sound Quality bass amp, this amp has everything inside to exceed the needs of the "I want to be LOUDER than the LOUDEST" car audio fanatic. Producing a clean 4000W RMS at a very low THD. Link two RFL4001D's together and you create a MONSTER BASS Amplifier with more than 8000W RMS output. 

Team this amp with the new MTX RFL12 or RFL15 or TX8 subwoofers to create the Ultimate in-car BASS SYSTEM!

The RFL4001D Class D Mono Block amplifier is now available from our Australian warehouse.

More details of the RFL4001D here!

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